October 2016

ALTERNATE_WP_CRON runs inconsistently with standard WP-Cron

When the ALTERNATE_WP_CRON constant is defined, WordPress will run WP-Cron on init hook with priority 10 (the default). Unfortunately, this means any code hooked to init with priority 10 or higher will not be run before processing WP-Cron requests via the alternative WP-Cron method. This is a known issue with an open Trac ticket. In […]

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Customise strings in Subscriptions without code

There is a free plugin called Say What that allows store owners to: alter strings on your site without editing WordPress core, or plugin code Seems pretty handy for those occasional requests we get for “How to make X say Y?“. Although it’s obviously not future proof… Mentioned in Ticket 484278.

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