Overriding Systemd confs using drop-ins

Despite a bunch of answers on stackoverflow for the best way to set the umask for Apache and/or php-fpm Ubuntu the only approach that I found to really work in Xenial was to modify the Systemd service configs (because Apache etc inherits its umask from its parent process).

From the Ubuntu wiki the best way to do this was using drop-ins:

Systemd allows a similar facility via "drop-ins": a drop-in allows a directive to be modified without changing the original unit file. To create a drop-in:

Create a subdirectory below either "/etc/systemd/system/" or "/lib/systemd/system/" called "${unit}.d/".

Create files called <something>.conf in the "${unit}.d/" directory containing the directives that you wish to override. 

Within the drop-in e.g. “/lib/systemd/system/apache2.service.d/gimme-mods.conf” I could then simply set the Umask within the [Service] chapter to be:


We Have a New TIL Blog

Today I learned we have a new TIL blog. And it’s awesome. 💃😻

Blank WooCommerce PayPal Debug Log

When trying to view the WooCommerce PayPal debug logs through the dashboard log viewer you will sometimes just get a blank file. 😢

This usually just means that the log file is too large to be displayed.

If you have access to the host via SFTP or SSH you can just grab the file directly (by default it will be located within wp-content/uploads/wc-logs/) or request that customer provide it (if it is for a support ticket).

Emoji in WP

WordPress has had emoji support since 4.2. 🚀💃😻

Instead of using the emoji codes Slack and a number of services use e.g. :thumbsup: it depends on the os/platform you are using (see https://codex.wordpress.org/Emoji.

When editing a post on Mac you can bring up the Emoji & Symbols keyboard by:

  • Clicking the Edit menu
  • Selecting “Emoji & Symbols”

Or you can use the keyboard shortcut ⌃⌘Space (Control – Command – Space)

Prospress ❤️ emoji.

Markdown in WP

<php echo 'Hello World!'; ?>

The JP Markdown plugin works really quite well.

We may need to do some style adjustments – but it’ll do for now.

Lets do this. 🚀

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