ALTERNATE_WP_CRON runs inconsistently with standard WP-Cron

When the ALTERNATE_WP_CRON constant is defined, WordPress will run WP-Cron on init hook with priority 10 (the default). Unfortunately, this means any code hooked to init with priority 10 or higher will not be run before processing WP-Cron requests via the alternative WP-Cron method. This is a known issue with an open Trac ticket. In […]

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Blank WooCommerce PayPal Debug Log

When trying to view the WooCommerce PayPal debug logs through the dashboard log viewer you will sometimes just get a blank file. 😢 This usually just means that the log file is too large to be displayed. If you have access to the host via SFTP or SSH you can just grab the file directly […]

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